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The #1 Ultimate Pentel Pens Guide

by OfficeStockUSA on February 14th, 2019

You’re in your office sitting at your desk looking at your work phone.


Suddenly it begins to ring, and you quickly pick it up.

It just so happens to be one of your companies most important clients!

And their speaking faster than you can think!

It will be impossible to remember everything this motormouth is saying

unless you have a "SUPER HUMAN GENIUS MEMORY."


albert einstein so if your not me


....What do you do?


You quickly grab one of our pentel pens


and write a note!


Pentel pens are regarded as the highest quality writing utensils to be used in any office environment. Pens are often overlooked and not thought about as top thought to most office managers when going to purchase new office supplies.

I can tell you this much.

After you read this article, you will never feel that way again.

If you don’t believe me then 

Stop reading.

Although you won't stop reading.

The reason is that there is something unique, I know in particular about Pentel Energel pens that you don’t that matters.

How much does it matter? This is what you want to know. Will it make a huge difference? This is what you want to know. Unless you have an affinity for reading blogs for no reason at all you want the answers to those questions. Let me tell you this with high confidence. You will read this article and find it will dramatically change the way you see and write with your office pens.

There is a theory called the pen paradox that means one never has to truly buy a pen. For one reason or the other somehow, we just obtain pens. They fall into our possession at banks, promotional pens, or they just magically appear.

As you know, we are only interested in talking about reality. Being realistic is the only way you will gain from this article. So, investing in magical thoughts like the pen paradox will leave in many situations that will end up costing you all of these items below and more!

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Sales
  • Business
  • Partners

If it’s too good to be true, it often is. If it's free its usually cheap. You pay for what you get. A thing of value is never obtained easily. Ask any successful employee or employer at an office that question.

They will all tell you the same thing. You reap what you sew. If you work hard, you get reliable results. If you invest in high quality, you get the best products.

This is where the pen paradox dies for those of you reading who believe in success within your office. All of your tools no matter how mundane or overlooked are extremely important.

Appreciation is the one thing people in the USA fail to observe. If you think Pentel pens or any writing utensils is not a big deal than okay, let’s make a rule, for one year, you can’t use any of them. Let’s see how long your business or sanity for that matter lasts.

The very finger you are using to scroll down the page to read this article is something you don’t appreciate. I bet you never thought about thanking your index finger. Okay, let’s play the same game.

You can’t use your index finger at all for an entire year. Well, all of a sudden what perceived as insignificant now seems like a matter that will dramatically affect the quality of your very life as you know it.

We believe in appreciation in the things, people and places that are always often overlooked. For the context of this article, we are talking about Pentel Pens.

Being that you’re still here shows not only do you now know how important pens are, but you also understand. Knowing and understanding are two different things. Understand pentel pens are the best pens you can buy for your office.

Now that you are here you are ready to buy a pentel pen.

Where to buy Pentel energel pens

We ask this type of question in every Office Stock USA blog post we do.

So, if you have read our blog posts before you already know the answer.

With that being said I am not going to tell you the answer to this.

Read our other blogs as it will benefit you and the answer to this question will become apparent.


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